Podcast Assets & Press Kit

Hey there! Hopefully this page has everything you need to give me a nice pimped-up intro and link out to all my stuff. 🙂

My "Hook," At a Glance

I help course creators grow their email list and revenue by improving their opt-in conversions and optimizing their email marketing funnel.

I’m uniquely positioned to help with this because I’ve been in the internet marketing world for 15 years, have worked with top course creators, and am a course creator myself.

I’ve done this enough times that I can spot the easy opportunities to add huge value — this confidence and experience is why I offer a risk-free performance guarantee for clients who hire me for CRO.

Primary Lead Magnet

Free mini-course and templates that walk course creators through how they can double their email list growth rate in 30 minutes.


Photos and Logos and What-Not

You can find 'em in Dropbox here:


Bio Bullet Points

  • Zach is the host of the Full-Time Creator Podcast, where he interviews course creators with their top tips for building their dream businesses
  • He's built conversion-oriented websites for hundreds of clients and worked with big names like EoFire, Amy Porterfield, Rick Mulready, Jonathan Fields, Ryan Lee, and more over the course of the past 13 years that I’ve been doing this professionally.
  • He also run my own 6-figure business as a course creator, and I’ve managed over $1,000,000 in launches for clients start to finish, from the very top of funnel writing content, all the way through to lead gen, CRO, lead magnet creation, email automation, and launch campaign strategy and copywriting. The last launch I fully managed for a client beat her historical average by over 10% — and that was the launch AFTER a price hike was run, so I was competing against the surge of sales that came from the “last chance to get in before the price goes up by 30%” emails the launch before.
  • My opt-in forms have easily generated over 100,000 email subscribers for myself and clients, and in my experience, top of funnel conversions are the easiest and most neglected low-hanging fruit for course creators to add easy extra revenue.
  • He often doubles clients' email list growth rates, and my best CRO win so far was a 600% improvement for a client that's added an extra 9,508 subscribers to her email list so far.
  • If you want to build on what you’re learning today and take action (and probably double your email list growth rate overnight), I made you a free mini-course that you can implement within 30 minutes that’ll walk you through the exact steps for creating & launching a high-converting opt in form. These are the exact steps I use for myself and clients that often double email list growth rate right out of the gate. crowiz.co/go
  • I’ve been in the internet marketing space since I was a teenager, and my first online biz (and online sale) was when I was 13 and taught people how to make hemp jewelry online 😂 I still remember how exciting it felt to wake up and learn that I sold a hemp jewelry starter kit while I SLEPT
    • Here's my very first YouTube video promoting my hemp jewelry biz, if you want some lolz: https://youtu.be/_e1G4EWiqEs

Social Profiles

I'm not a big social media guy, but here are the profiles for my podcast: