Done For You Services πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

A.K.A. "Easy mode" β€” Have Zach totally handle your conversion rate optimization (CRO) for you.

And if Zach doesn't drive results, you don't pay.

Imagine if you could multiply your profitability without any new traffic...

(And without lifting a finger!)

The Problem...

Most course creators are unwittingly making big conversion mistakes that are costing them email subscribers.

In many cases, a few simple tweaks to website opt-in forms can double email list growth rates.

(Or more than double!)

Why it Matters...

As a course creator, your email list is the lifeblood of your business.

And yet, most course creators focus their attention on traffic – rather than conversions – and miss the huge, easy, fast email list growth opportunities right under their noses.

I've seen it many times with clients where having me run some simple "lazy" conversion rate optimization doubles their email list growth rate.

(My record so far is 7x'ing the email list growth rate and adding an extra 9,508 email subscribers for a client.)

What You Stand To Gain...

What would it mean to your bottom line if you were getting twice as many email subscribers each month?

What about even an extra 10%? Or 20%?

For most of my clients, even a 20% bump would be worth thousands of dollars within the first year alone.

(More often, tens of thousands...)

Story time!

The Exponential Payoff of Optimizing Your Conversions...

Here's an example scenario to show the power of having Zach run your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Suppose you're running ads to your website at $0.20/click.

Let's say your 90-day value per email subscriber is $11, and your current opt-in form is converting at 2%.

This means that if you want 1,000 email subscribers, you need 50,000 people to load your page (50,000 * 2% = 1,000 subs)

...Which costs you $10,000. (50,000 clicks * $0.20 = $10k)

With me so far? (You just spent $10,000 to get 1,000 subscribers.)

Given that your 90-day value per subscriber is $11, you'll earn $11,000 after that 90-day period. (1,000 subs * $11 90-day subscriber value)

Which is $1,000 in gross profit. ($11,000 earned - $10,000 spent)

So you're technically acquiring email subscribers profitably, but the cashflow challenges with the 90-day payoff period mean that you can't afford to ramp up your paid traffic acquisition.

But then you work with Zach...

I've gotten clients' global opt-ins to 6% before, but let's be conservative and say I get yours from 2% to 3%.

(Which I generally consider to be an easy jump to make)

Here's what that jump from 2% to 3% means for you...

That $10,000 in ad spend now gets you 1,500 subscribers instead of 1,000.

And at that same $11 90-day subscriber value as before, you now end those 90 days with $16,500. (1,500 * $11 = $16,500)

Which is $6,500 in gross profit. ($16,500 earned - $10,000 spent)

That's over a 6x increase to the profitability of your ads.

How this compares to other "profitability levers..."

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to get your ad PPC cost down to one-sixth the cost? 

Or to 6x your 90-day purchase volume?

And yet, that's what many course creators focus on, rather than their website's conversions.

Often times, simple optimizations at the top of the funnel can ripple out into huge payoffs in profitability, like that 6.5x example above.

Important note...

Obviously, this is just an example β€” and an over-simplified one at that.

Depending on what your current conversions are, the "easy, low-hanging fruit benefits" you stand to gain will vary. 

(i.e. 50% improvements are easy at a 1 or 2% conversion rate baseline; not so much if you're already at 5% or higher)

But I choose this example because I've seen many 6- and 7-figure course creators who neglect even the most basic of CRO opportunities, and it's not uncommon for me to double email opt-ins in these cases.

What it's Like Working With Zach

Hi, I'm Zach. πŸ‘‹

When you work with me, you're getting a pro course creator in your corner who understands funnels and conversions back-to-front.

You're getting a fiduciary who's an active course creator, vs. just another freelancer weighing in from the sidelines.

(My main biz is my 6-figure course creator business)

You're getting someone whose opt-in forms are responsible for >100,000 email subscribers for himself and clients, who's managed over $1,000,000 in launches for clients.

Fun fact: I've been in the internet marketing world since I was 16 β€” seriously. (Here are Teenage Zach's first attempts at content marketing if you want some lulz πŸ˜‚: 123)

All this is to say, when you work with me, you're getting a strategic advisor who has one mission...

Make you oodles of money.

The 6-Step "Conversion Magic πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ" Optimization Process

Here's the process we'll follow when we work together...

Phase 1:


We'll connect on your goals, audience avatar, and current conversion situation, so that I have everything I need to go out and drive more conversions.

Phase 2:

Sort Out the Low-Hanging Fruit

If you're making huge mistakes already – e.g. missing critical opt-in areas, crappy opt-ins, etc. – I'll sort those out immediately.

Phase 3:

Establish the Baseline

Once we've got you in "80:20 good shape," I'll establish our baseline metrics to prep for running the first A/B test against.

Phase 4:

Run the First Test

With baseline metrics & all of your audience info in hand, I run the first A/B test.

Phase 5:

Analyze, Optimize, and Keep Testing

Every time I conclude an A/B test, I'll send you a report with the outcome, the extra email subscribers you got, and what I plan to do next.

Phase 6:

MOAR Testing & Optimizing

From here, we go back to step 5, and basically just keep testing and optimizing until we hit the point of diminishing returns.

I offer simple, credits-based pricing for tests, and I've found that a 6-credit package is a great starting point for most course creators to see huge benefits.

Conversion Improvement Guarantee

I want you to always make more from my work than you pay me for it.

That's why my done-for-you services are backed by a 100% risk-free conversion rate improvement guarantee.

How to qualify: if you purchase at least 3 credits of A/B tests, I guarantee that you'll see a conversion rate improvement.

And if for some reason you don't, I'll either give you a full refund or keep running your A/B tests for free until we do get you an improvement.

Simple, Predictable Performance-Based Pricing

The last thing you need is another indefinite, multi-thousand-dollar-a-month retainer that you have to pay forever.

My pricing is simple and modular to avoid this:

You pay only for results:

Performance-Based Pricing Structure + ROI Guarantee

I charge tiered flat fees for getting your overall website conversions to ascending milestones.

(e.g. 2% of your total traffic costs $X, 3% costs an extra $Y, 4% costs an extra $Z, etc.)

This means that if I go off and do my thing and don't drive conversions, you don't pay.

And thanks to the handy-dandy calculator, I only work with clients for whom I can guarantee an ROI.

This means you'll always make more from my work than you spend on it.

"Hold up there buddy, we just met."

Want to learn a bit about Zach before you commit? Fair enough.

Here's s'more info about Zach (me! πŸ‘‹)...

Hi, I'm Zach. πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

(A.K.A. "The Conversion Wizard.")

I help course creators grow their email lists & earn more money by making the most of the traffic they're already getting.

Fun facts and milestones from my 13 years in business:

> 100,000 Subscribers

My opt-in forms have been responsible for over 100,000 email subscribers for myself & clients including EoFire, Amy Porterfield, Jonathan Fields, and More.

+600% Email List Growth

I regularly double opt-in rates for clients β€” my biggest CRO win to date is a 7x increase that's added an extra 9,508 subscribers so far for one of my clients.

> $1,000,000 in launches managed for clients

In addition to being an active a 6-figure course creator myself, I've directly managed over $1m in launches for clients, owning all stages of the funnel.

What They're Saying...

Here are a few of my mannnny testimonials:

β€œNot only is Zach a pleasure to work with – he’s amazing at what he does.”

β€œWe’ve worked with Zach on multiple sales and squeeze pages, as well as our whole website revamp, and time and time again he over-delivers on design, user friendliness and functionality. Not only is Zach a pleasure to work with – he’s amazing at what he does.”

β€” John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, EoFire

β€œZach did exceptional work & treated my project as though it were his own.”

β€œZach has a unique ability to see my vision and shape it into something even better than I had envisioned. Not only did he do exceptional work on my membership site, but he also went above and beyond the scope of the project when we came up against unexpected challenges. He treated my project as though it were his own and that kind of dedication is not always easy to find!”

β€” Amy Porterfield

β€œZach's skills are world-class, and he's the MVP of my launches.”

β€œZach is the MVP of my launches & marketing campaigns. He has incredible leadership, great insight, he’s full of good ideas, he works beautifully with the team, and he brings to the table a blend of both technical and creative talent. I literally don’t know what I would do without him. The dude is a rockstar.”

β€” Paula Pant, Afford Anything

πŸ‘† (Note from Zach: Paula's the client I 7x'd opt-in rates for and have so far added an extra 9,508 subscribers to her email list.)

The Risk of Going it Alone...

Here's the deal...

You're good at what you do. You wouldn't be here if you weren't.

But chances are, you're not a CRO pro.

And I've seen too many clients change silly things in their opt-ins that don't move the needle, simply because they didn't know any better.

For example, one of my clients was running A/B tests, but for the wrong things.

All of her tests (5 variants) were performing about the same, ranging from a 0.8% conversion rate to a 1.1% conversion rate.

When I came in, I ran a series of tests changing bigger and more effective aspects of the forms, and eventually got the conversion rate up to 6%!

That's the power here of having someone in your corner who's been "around the block," and knows what's worth pursuing and what's a waste of time.

...But let's not forget the elephant in the room...

All of this assumes you actually take the time to prioritize your conversions!

If you're like most course creators, you won't. 

Because frankly, it's not urgent, and it's not burning.

As a course creator, you live your life buried under a mountain of content creation obligations, student support, and working on new courses and promotions.

(Or maybe it's just me...? πŸ˜¬)

It's all-too-easy to let CRO slip by the wayside.

By getting me in your corner, you get a pro who will own this for you, so that you get all the life-changing results with no attention required from you.

This could be the thing that makes a huge difference in your email list growth rate, and ripples out to make your business uber-profitable.

Because at the end of the day...

More subscribers from less traffic = wayyy more money in your pocket.

I want to help you get there. πŸ™‚

And remember, my services come with a conversion rate improvement guarantee, so there's no risk to you!

If you purchase at least 3 credits of A/B tests, I guarantee that you'll see a conversion rate improvement.

And if for some reason you don't, I'll either give you a full refund or keep running your A/B tests for free until we do get you an improvement.